Attending the HV50 Conference in July 2018 has given me occasion to reflect on my 22 years as a member of CANFP and what it has meant to me. Not only was I strengthened and enriched at the HV50 Conference but I was also able to visit with old friends and colleagues with whom I have been able to stay connected through CANFP. Some of these friends I met at my very first CANFP Conference in 1996, to which I came not knowing anyone, but with every confidence that I would be warmly welcomed. Within a couple of years of attending my first CANFP Conference I was trained to become a certified NFP Instructor, and the bonds I have shared with my fellow practitioners have only become stronger. Through subsequent CANFP Conferences, Archdiocesan meetings, regional get-togethers, and NFP Enrichment Classes, I have been so blessed to maintain my ties with both the English speaking and Spanish speaking NFP communities. CANFP has contributed greatly to this ongoing growth by presenting and hosting many of these classes and events, in addition to the many CANFP Conferences held in different areas of our beautiful Golden State through the years. The 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae, and all that this momentous occasion signifies, especially with the Canonization of Pope Paul VI, is the perfect chance for me to express my gratitude. CANFP has been with me at every step: thanks!

Joan Noyes is a Professional Member of CANFP and NFP teacher in the Los Angeles region.