It is through sharing our simple stories, that we invite and encourage each other to experience the joy of being Faithful to God’s Design, for “Man cannot find true happiness, for which he yearns with his whole being, unless he respects the law inscribed in his nature by God, laws which he ought to observe with understanding and love” (HV)

Share your Humanae Vitae Story!

Submit your 1-3 minute video clip, recorded simply on your cell phone (horizontal/landscape orientation, please), and submit directly from your phone via the link on this page.

Perhaps your HV story is your experience of….

  • God’s love and mercy
  • The pursuit of self-mastery
  • The challenge of infertility, or the pain of miscarriage
  • The blessings of… marriage, children, siblings, family life
  • Sharing the good news of Humanae Vitae in your priestly ministry
  • Living God’s plan for love and life through Natural Family Planning
  • The freedom that comes with following God’s plan for human sexuality
  • Trusting God in His plan for fertility leading to trusting Him in all things
  • Tackling the real, and sometimes scary, challenges of living Faithful to God’s Design
  • The influence of these teachings on your ideas about dating, relationships, and friendship
  • The connection between respect for God’s plan for sexuality, and the sanctity of all human

Even the simplest story can inform minds and transform hearts. We want to hear yours….