My HV Story

Our HV Story – NFP Aware

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Faithful to God’s Design

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My HV Hero

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Humanae Vitae is Such an Important Message for Young People

Allowing ourselves to be used is not empowering.

 Pope Paul VI Took a Courageous Stand

Pope Paul VI took a courageous stand in line with the living tradition of the Church

I Remember when Humane Vitae was Released

Humanae Vitae affirmed what I already knew to be true, thanks to a wonderful Catholic priest when I was in high school.

Humanae Vitae has a Very Personal Meaning for Me

I am thrilled to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Humane Vitae and the blessings it has brought to our family.

Life Without the Birth Control Pill Frees Me

I came to understand a life without the birth control pill actually frees me to understand my body the way it is uniquely made.

Divorce/Abortion/Contraception Revolutions Related

What launched me into this whole line of work defending marriage and defending life was my own marriage preparation.

Humanae Vitae Validated Me as a Young Engaged Catholic Woman

I remember feeling validated in my beliefs as a young Catholic woman about to marry, when Humanae Vitae was released, but ultimately betrayed, as priests and bishops contradicted it.

Thank you Pope Paul VI for the Gift of Humanae Vitae!

Deacon Mario Rizzo, shares from the halls of St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, CA, the passage of Humanae Vitae that holds special meaning for him, as he prepares for his priestly ordination this anniversary year….

Grateful to God for Humanae Vitae and I hope you are too!

I see Humanae Vitae as an opportunity and a challenge to each of us to live our lives according to its principles and to look at how we can heal the wounds in our society of the sexual revolution.

Pro Life Men need to live the way HV calls

Humanae Vitae is really the only way pro life ideas are not hypocritical. If men lived the way we are called to in HV,women would not feel pressured into abortion they way they are now.

Contraception is the Root of the Evil of Abortion

We should spend promote Humanae Vitae all year in our parishes, this anniversary year.

The 50th Anniversary is a great opportunity to proclaim the dignity of sexuality

A lot of what we have seen happen over the last 50 years can be traced to the acceptance of contraception. My wife and I use Natural Family Planning and we really just encourage everyone to learn it and give it a try.

Read it, and get on board!

A Mother of ten wants all to experience the blessings of knowing and living Humanae Vitae.

Blessed Pope Paul VI – This One’s For You!

Sheila St. John reflects on her motivation to share the good news of Humane Vitae.

My HV Story

My HV Story

Humanae Vitae

Reflection by Dr Keenan, President of CANFP

Celebrate Life!

A husband and father shares the blessings of living and loving the teachings of the Catholic Church on human sexuality, shown her at Southern California beach with his youngest three children.