HV Resources

These resources are provided to assist you in your own reflection on the teachings of Humanae Vitae, and to enable you to witness to—and share the truth and beauty of it—with others.

HV50 BLOG A series of original reflections throughout this anniversary year, not published elsewhere, including contributions by key presenters at the HV50 July Celebration: Janet Smith, PhD, Fr. Paul Check, Patrick Coffin, Deacon William V. Williams, MD, and Lindsay Fay. Contact info@Celebratehv50.com for reprint permission.

FAITHFUL TO GOD’S DESIGN NEWS A monthly short publication provided on this site throughout the anniversary year, featuring short reflections, news of the anniversary year, and favorite HV quotes. One page, front and back, perfect format for monthly parish bulletin insert, and sharing electronically—no reprint permission required—share freely!

HV PRAYER Archbishop Cordileone, of Archdiocese of San Francisco, has provided this beautiful resource and invites all to unite in prayer throughout this historic anniversary year. The prayer can be downloaded, printed and freely distributed, or for convenience, individual or bulk copies can be ordered HERE.

AFFIRMATION In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the Wijngaards Institute called upon the Catholic Church to repudiate its teaching against artificial contraception in their statement On the Ethics of Using Contraceptives. On Sept 20, 2016, the same day the Wijngaards Statement was presented to the U.N., this Affirmation of the Church’s Teaching on the Gift of Sexuality, published in its entirety here, was presented at Catholic University of America, signed by over 500 Catholic PhD level scholars. Within five days, the number of signatures of Catholic scholars endorsing the Affirmation had swelled to over a thousand. Lead author of the Affirmation, Professor Janet Smith, PhD, is a Keynote speaker at the July 27-28 national celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae: Faithful to God’s Design, and the Clergy Day preceding it.

HV50 Q&A Produced by Fr. Ed Horning, speaker at upcoming HV50 national celebration in July, in collaboration with fellow Clergy members of the California Association of Natural Family Planning, summarizing why the teaching of the Church as found in the encyclical Humanae Vitae is just as important now as it was 50 years ago. Pope John Paul II referred to the Church’s teaching on contraception as part of the “permanent patrimony” of the Catholic faith meaning that this is a timeless and beautiful teaching.

ONE LINERS Deacon William V. Williams, MD, who will be speaking on the harms of contraception at the HV50 July conference, provides this list of short, thought provoking one liners, and challenges us to add our own! Share your one liner with us, and the world, by just submitting directly at this link!  

HELPFUL LINKS Haven’t read Humanae Vitae, or been awhile? Convinced, now what? Links to the encyclical, supportive resources, and Natural Family Planning resources for the tools to live these truths.

SHOP To have your own copy of Humanae Vitae to read and refer to, in English or Spanish, and other helpful resources.