Love is Life-Giving. Lust is Sterile.

Using Someone is Not Loving Them.

True Love is Free, Total, Faithful, and Fruitful.

In Vitro Fertilization Reduces a Human Person to a Commodity That Can be Bought and Sold.

A Child Need Not be Planned, Nor Even Wanted. But They All Must be Welcomed With Open Hearts as Gifts from God.

Fertility is Not a Disease to be Treated, but a Blessing to Cherish.

God Gives Us a Choice Between Life Giving Love, and Sterile Sex. Choose Wisely. Choose Life.

Real men use NFP.

All Family Planning Should be Natural.

We Should Love People and Use Things, Not Use People and Love Things

Bishop Fulton Sheen

True Love Holds Nothing Back.

Oral Contraceptives Are Really Sterilizing Steroids. But They Are Not Performance Enhancing, but Performance Inhibiting.

Good morals is good medicine!

Bishop Robert Vasa

Fetus is Latin for Little One.

Remember Jesus said whatever you did for these little ones you did for me Mt 25:40

Love is about giving. Lust is about getting. Let's Live Love!

– Submitted by Luke

A baby is always a blessing, never a burden

— submitted by Raymond Esparza

Is there anything more precious than a child?

Submitted by David Fetzer

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