Support the HV50 Campaign, so that all may come to know the blessings of living Faithful to God’s Design, and the resources available to help do that! How can you support HV50 Campaign?

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Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of the Archdiocese of San Francisco has created a special prayer for this yearlong celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae. We are invited to commit to pray it daily, and share it with our church communities, families, and prayer partners.

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Your support of this multifaceted campaign will allow us to reach more people with the good news of God’s design for love and life. This milestone anniversary year presents a unique opportunity to dialogue on the principles contained in Humanae Vitae—-we need your support so that our voices can be heard! Your support shares the truth, through the:

  • expert presentations at the national conference
  • humble testimonies of MY HV STORY
  • inspiring example of the HV HERO
  • monthly education and encouragement of the Faithful to God’s Design NEWS

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There are many ways YOU can make this year meaningful and transformative, for you, and for others. See the many opportunities at the GET INVOLVED link. The gifts and skills of many will be required for this campaign, like creating flyers, brochures, and program, designing and producing monthly newsletter, translating written materials, promotion, etc. Contact us at to explore how you might get involved, and consider these additional ideas:

  • Submit your testimony at MY HV STORY HERE
  • Nominate your HV HERO HERE
  • Attend the national conference July 27-28, and pre-conferences July 25-26 INFO HERE
  • Promote the event in your region. MATERIALS HERE
  • Gather a group from your region to attend
  • Invite priests, deacons, and seminarians to attend the conference AND the Clergy Day HERE the day before.
  • Share the Faithful to God’s Design NEWS HERE by email with your contacts and through social media links
  • Insert the Faithful to God’s Design NEWS HERE into the church bulletin each month during the anniversary year
  • Get the word out through parish bulletins, social media, diocesan publications, and secular news media using resources HERE
  • Share the Humanae Vitae Anniversary Prayer and enlist your parish or prayer groups to join you in committing to pray it throughout this year. Ask permission to provide copies of it in the back of the church, and in the Adoration Chapel!
  • Become a Sponsor HERE
  • Place a message in the Conference Program HERE