MY HV Story is a collection of stories from regular people, sharing the great joys of being Faithful to God’s Design. Some of these are stories of great blessings, some are stories of overcoming challenges, as acknowledged in the opening sentence of Humanae Vitae “The very serious duty of transmitting human life, by reason of which husbands and wives are free and responsible collaborators with God, the Creator has always been for them a source of great joys—joys, however, sometimes accompanied by much difficulty and distress”. (HV1)


Some are testimonies of marriage and children, but because these teachings on love and life are relevant to us all, some contributors sharing their HV Story have never been married. Humanae Vitae explains to us, these teachings must be understood in light of the total vision of man, the “integral vision of Man and of his vocation, not only his natural and earthly vocation, but also of his supernatural and eternal one” (HV7)


They are all shared as a gift, from the heart of those providing them, in the hopes that ALL who view them, whatever their state in life, will feel called and affirmed in their quest to be Faithful to God’s Design, for “Man cannot find true happiness, for which he yearns with his whole being, unless he respects the law inscribed in his nature by god, laws which he ought to observe with understanding and love.” (HV31)


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