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Modern Methods of Natural Family Planning

Experts representing a variety of methods of natural family planning offer a a brief introduction into the options available for healthy, effective, natural methods of monitoring and tracking fertility.

Lynn Keenan, MD


Dr. Lynn Keenan, President of CANFP, Vice President of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine, is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF Fresno, and Board Certified in Sleep and Internal Medicine. She is the mother of four adult children.

Pam & Walter Birdsall

Pam and Walt Birdsall from Napa, California, have been a teaching couple with Couple to Couple League since 2010, and working in marriage preparation and enrichment ministries for over 25 years. Married 38 years, they have six adult children and 14 grandchildren.

Diane Daly

Diane is a wife, mother and grandmother, RN and co-developer of the Creighton Model Fertility Care Services. She is a supervisor of the Department of Fertility Care Service at Mercy Hospital St. Louis, Director of the St. Louis Archdiocesan Office of NFP and a faculty member of the PPVI Institute education program and other education programs nationally and internationally.

Sue Ek

Sue Ek has been executive director of the United States headquarters of the Billings Ovulation Method® since 2001. She has been a Billings Method™ trainer and supervisor, and coordinated the publication of A Preachable Message book and CD which are tools for clergy to preach about Humanae Vitae. A resident of St. Cloud, MN, her work has taken her to Malaysia, Europe, India, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

K.C. Schnitker

KC Schnitker is a certified NFP instructor and the executive director of Family of the Americas Foundation. She is passionate about sharing the Church’s teachings on marriage and has developed a simple and effective way for instructors to promote Humanae Vitae and NFP. KC has been married to Ed for 25 years and is the mother of seven children.

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